• Dual Pentium® III MMX™ 1000 MHz with 512 KB cache
  • Rugged Full Tower ATX Case
  • Motherboard with Dual CPU and Extra Cooling Fans
  • 1AGP, 5 PCI, 1 x Parallel EPP, 2 x USB, 2 x serial 16C550
  • 1536 MB SDRAM PC 133 
  • 3 ˝" 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
  • Dual 72 GB Ultra Wide SCSI HD
  • Adaptec RAID Controller
  • Trendware Gigabit NIC
  • 26 Port 10/100/1000 switch /w 2 Gigabit ports
  • AGP 32 MB 3D Video
  • 24x10x40 IDE CDRW Drive
  • PS2-104 Keyboard, Mouse and Pad
  • 15" SVGA .28 DP Color Monitor
  • APC Smart-700 UPS
  • Windows 2000 Server /w 15 clients Configured and Tested  
  • CSO Peace of Mind Configuration

Note: The Business LAN is designed to deliver good performance for 50 users or less with moderate storage needs but high reliability requirements. This server is optimized for Windows 2000. Storage subsystem runs on mirrored drives for non-stop operation

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Adaptec AAA-131 Raid

Protect your data and maximize performance with the top of the line Adaptec  Raid storage controller.

Financing Offer!
Finance up to $100,000 of hardware and software.

For single Pentium® 4 1.8GHz $6399
For single Pentium® 4 2.0GHz $6599

We offer several file servers that can handle your network storage and connectivity needs. This departmental server is only a sample of popular configurations we sell.  If you have different requirements for servers and workstations,
please call us at
(410) 203-1630 and we will be happy to help you.